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The story opens with an Umbrella employee, Bill Nyberg, sitting and reading through his legal documents. He thinks to himself about a recent case where a little girl was treated by a new Umbrella medicine, Valifin which was still in trial phases, and had suffered from renal failure as an unexpected side effect. But even as he ruffles through his files he is unaware of the dangers that lurk in Raccoon Forest. All of a sudden the Ecliptic Express is attacked by hordes of leeches. Within moments, all of the trains occupants, including Nyberg, are dead.

Hours later Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S Bravo team begin their search for those responsible for the murders which have been plaguing the city. For the past few weeks, Raccoon City has been in a state of fear due to cannibalistic homicide. S.T.A.R.S Bravo team was the first team to be sent in to investigate.

The opening chapter follows Rebecca Chambers, who is the new recruit. She is rather anxious about the mission...

Their helicopter is forced to make a forced landing (for unknown reasons) and Bravo team becomes stranded in the Arklay Mountains. The Bravos begin to spread out and search the immediate area. While investigating their surroundings, they come across a wrecked armored transport. Among the carnage, they find records of an escaped prisoner by the name of Billy Coen.