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A Spell for Chameleon                      Question Quest                                          Cube Route

Source of Magic                                Color of Her Panties                                    Currant Event

Castle Roogna                                   Demons Don't Dream                                 Pet Peeve

Centaur Aisle                                      Roc and a Hard Place                               Stork Naked

Ogre, Ogre                                          Yon Ill Wind                                                Air Apparent

Night Mare                                           Faun & Games                                            Two to the Fifth             

Dragon on a Pedastal                          Zombie Lover                                            Jumper Cable

Crewel Lye                                           Xone of Contention                                   Knot Gneiss

Golem in the Gears                             The Dastard                                           Well-Temperd Clavicle

Vale of the Vole                                  Harpy Thyme                                        Luck of the Draw

Heaven Cent                                      Geis of the Gargoyle                               Esrever Doom  

Man from Mundania                           Swell Foop                                               Board Stiff

Isle of View                                         Up in a Heaval