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Discharged from the British Army after a rescue operation gone-wrong, Norse Chirac wanders all over the world in search of a safe haven. The man eventually arrives at Gadiwell, a small fishing island in the North Sea, between Scotland and Scandinavia. The island itself is home to the young Countess Beardsley, who resides in a castle on the island. Twenty years prior, the Umbrella Corporation set up a laboratory nearby, but many of the islanders were killed in an accident. To make amends they sponsored the building of a new hospital along with electrification and a ferry system. Traveling on the ferry with Norse is Rain Rubens, a boarding school girl visiting the island with her friend Kate. They find that the locals have become strange.

Norse stays at a lodging, unnerved by the disappearance of Rain's uncle. Sickened by a pungent smell, Norse leaves the lodging to find strange footprints. Following them at the middle of the night he is led into the woods, where a strange woman howls at the moon. He decides to leave rather than investigate what is happening.

The following morning, Norse drives off into the woods to look for Rain's uncle.