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A spate of murders linked to sexual assaults are occurring around the United Kingdom leading many to believe there is a copycat killer of the infamous Jack the Ripper. Jack Tramp is accused by the Press of being the culprit, and U.S. Marshall Jose Lopez is called in to take custody of the suspect and transfer him back to the United States. Lopez is not looked at fondly by the British authorities - he just misses his scheduled appointment with them, having to take a taxi to find them.

Lopez; Kulik and Tramp board the ocean liner, Liberty, which will take them to New York. They are unaware right now that the ship has been purchased by the Umbrella Corporation for the purpose of transporting company goods.

Shortly after arriving on the ship, Lopez befiends a young girl, Silvia, who he understands is suffering from a serious illness. After alternating shifts of interrogating the apathetic accused, who can only vaguely remember the past few days when having clear moments, Lopez becomes to doubt he is transporting the murder. Soon after this, Lopez discovers the identity of the ship's owners, and their connection with the events in Raccoon City.

Umbrella researcher Dr. Robert Chan has developed a new mutagen in secret, the C-Virus, which is capable of transforming the host into whatever they wish. He plans, alongside his lover and colleagie Louise, to unleash the virus upon their arrival in New York.

After learning of Jack, Dr. Chan considers his iron will to make him the perfect test subject for the new virus, and aims to infect the man with "C". Louise is tasked with infecting Jack, but initially fails in a botched attempt to get past the Marshals.

When the Times 'Pressman' 'snaps', the virus is unleashed. Lopez fights for survival alongside Kulik and Louise, trying to protect the young Silvia from the ongoing disaster. Kulik is killed, and a military submarine emerges. Jack snaps out of his trance and offers help to the survivors, which forces Lopez to consider whether or not to trust Silvia in his care.

At the end, it is revealed that the Pressman was the real serial killer, having used Jack as a scapegoat. Now infected with the C-Virus, he seeks only perfection.