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Tattersail (or Sail for short) was the commanding mage of the 2nd Armies Mage Cadre, having been chosen by Dujek Onearm in preference to Hairlock to succeed Nedurian when the latter died at Mott Wood.

She was described as having an oval, fleshy face with heavy-lidded eyes. Her face often displayed a certain cherubic humor. Tattersail was a heavy-set woman with round shoulders with many 'soft pillows of flesh'. She reflected on the odd combination of her and Calot as lovers due to the his thin build and her thoughts seem to indicate that she was very much emotionally involved in their relationship.

As cadre commandant, Tattersail wore a burgundy cloak with a silver emblem indicating her rank

Being honest with herself had never been one of Tattersail's strong points.


Tattersail had access to the Warren Thyr and amongst her few possessions were a book of Thyr sorcery, sealed with warding spells, as well as a few alchemical devices.

She was a Master of her Warren and had been offered the title of High Mage more than once but had always declined. In Whiskeyjack's estimation, a head-to-head between her and Tayschrenn would have been a close thing.[7]

Tattersail was an adept reader of the Deck of Dragons. In the run-up to the battle at Pale, she did not read the deck for some months - as if something had kept her away[1] Tattersail recalled that this had happened once before, on the night before her then lover, Mock, was killed when Dancer and Kellanved took over Malaz Island and she suspected a pattern in this.

Her sensitivity to other magic users caused her to have migraine headaches in their presence. The headaches were worse when the warren in question was one which was anathema to her own warren, as in the case of the Warren Hairlock used.

When Tattersail was attacked by the Hound Gear, he easily broke through her outer Wards. When he attacked her closest defenses, a layering of High Wards, she could feel the cracks streak outwards and the fissures reaching through her arms and chest with a snapping sound instantly replaced by spurting blood.[10]


She was born in an unnamed village.[11] Possessed of the talent, she foresaw a coming war but told/warned no one and still felt guilty about this nearly two hundred years later.[12]

Around 1143 BS, Tattersail was involved in something which left her changed. In 1163 BS, she thought of herself having spent twenty years washing the blood of her hands.[13]

It was said that rather than being recruited, she had been conscripted and that she messed up her first posting.[14]


Before the rise of the Malazan Empire, Tattersail was lover to Mock, the pirate ruler of Malaz Island.[8]

Prior to the Siege of Pale, Tattersail had taken the mage Calot as a lover[15]. During the siege Calot broke off his attack on Moon's Spawn to channel his own energy and warren into defending Tattersail. By channelling his defenses outwards he was left vulnerable and perished in the siege.[16] Only afterwards did Tattersail admit to herself that the relationship had been far more than a mere diversion.[17]

Some time after the siege at Pale, whilst looking after the wounded Captain Ganoes Paran, a relationship between Tattersail and Ganoes burgeoned.