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In 2554, a Covenant Remnant fleet, comprised of four CAS-class assault carriers and five CCS-class battlecruisers, jumps into the Draetheus System and attacks X50, Draetheus V's moon. Merg Vol, the Sangheili leading the attack, finds and reactivates a monolith deep within X50's arctic circle, revealing the moon to be a Forerunner planet constructor. The moon begins to deconstruct Draetheus V. Although Davis manages to shut down the device, the damage caused to Draetheus V is severe and the planet is evacuated.

Palmer commandeers a Phantom from Parg Vol's camp and travels to the moon to eliminate Merg Vol. After killing Merg Vol, Palmer is assigned to find the source of a signal being broadcast from inside the moon. She discovers that the signal was Davis' last words relayed by a Forerunner construct and she retrieves Davis' body.