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Son Goku & Friends[]

Goku meets Bulma and they agree to team up. They soon meet Master Roshi , who rewards Goku with the Flying Nimbis for helping Umigame. Goku defeats the “terrible” Oolong and runs into the desert bandit Yamcha. Goku, Bulma, and Oolong meet Ox-king and learn of his troubles.

Critical Moment for the Dragon Balls

Master Roshi puts out the fire on Mt. Frypan, with the Kamehameha. Lord Pilaf summons Shenlong, but Oolong wishes for a pair of panties instead. Seeing the full moon, Goku transforms into a giant ape, defeating Pilaf and nearly killing his friends. Goku heads to Master Roshi ’s for training.

The Strongest Under the Heavens Begins[]

Kuririn arrives to train with Master Roshi, and both students are sent to fetch a cute “bouncy” girl for Roshi. The two rescue and bring back Lunch, a criminal with a wicked sneeze! Goku and Kuririn begin their training for the Tournament. Goku, Kuririn, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun all survive the qualifying rounds.

Grand Finals[]

Jackie Chun defeats Yamcha without a problem. Surprised by Goku’s strength, Giran gives up. Kuririn falls to Jackie’s superior strength. Goku miraculously survives Namu’s Tenkū Pekeji-Ken to take the win. Jackie Chun and Goku begin their epic battle to decide the championship