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Terror of Muscle Tower[]

Goku’s fight against Jackie Chun comes down to a single kick, with Jackie emerging the winner. Goku sets out to find out his grandfather’s Four-Star Ball, but quickly becomes entangled with the Red Ribbon Army, a paramilitary force that is also seeking the Dragon Balls for their own end. After quickly dispatching Colonel Silver, Goku finds himself far to the north in Jingle Village, where he takes on General White and his fortress, Muscle Tower.

Bulma's Big Mistake[]

Master-Sergeant Murasaki releases Artificial Human No. 8 to kill Goku, but instead, he befriends the boy. Goku defeats Buyon after some quick thinking. No. 8 and Goku free the Mayor and defeat General White. Goku and General Blue begin competing for the Dragon Balls.

General Blue[]

Goku defeats Blue, and our heroes escape the pirate cave. Goku teams up with Arale as Dragon Ball crosses over with Dr. Slump. Goku meets Upa and Bora, who are battling the Red Ribbon Army in the Karin Holy Land. Goku saves Upa and defeats Colonel Yellow.

Goku's Charge[]

Mercenary Tao kills General Blue and Bora, and defeats Goku with little trouble. After training with Karin, Goku descends the tower and defeatsTao . Adjutant Black assassinates Commander Red, but unfortunately for him, Goku takes down the entire Red Ribbon Army in an all-out assault.

When Worried, See Fortune Teller Baba[]

Everyone heads to Fortune Teller Baba’s to find the location of the last Dragon Ball. Puar and Upa defeat Dracula Man. Yamcha defeats Mr. Invisible. Goku handily defeats Mummy man and Spike, and eventually emerges victorious after a long battle with a mysterious masked warrior.