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The 22nd Strongest Under the Heavens[]

As promised, Goku uses the Dragon Balls to revive Upa’s father, Bora. Three years pass as Goku travels around the world training. At the 22nd Tournament , Goku meets Tenshinhan, a student of Master Roshi’s rival, Master Shen. Tenshinhan defeats Yamcha, breaking his leg.

The World's Greatest Super Battle[]

Kuririn defeats Chiaotzu with a little simple math. Jackie forfeits his match to Tenshinhan, leaving Tenshinhan dumbfounded. Goku defeats Kuririn with his blinding speed. Goku and Tenshinhan begin their epic battle for the title of 22nd Tournament champion.

The Terror of King Piccolo[]

Goku loses to Tenshinhan by inches as he hits a truck just before Tenshinhan hits the ground. Following the tournament, Goku finds Kuririn dead and Master Roshi describes the evil King Piccolo. Goku tracks down and kills Tambourine, but fails to defeat King Piccolo.

Son Goku's Counterattack[]

Even More Action[]

Goku manages to punch himself through Piccolo’s chest , but Piccolo produces an offspring before dying. Goku travels to God’s Palace in an attempt to revive Shenlong and stays to train. Goku arrives at the tournament, but no one recognizes him. Piccolo appears as Ma Junior.

Rivals Standing Their Ground[]

Tenshinhan easily defeats Mecenary Tao, while Goku defeats Chi-Chi. Ma Junior (Piccolo) easily takes out Kuririn. Inhabiting Shen’s body, Kami clumsily defeats Yamcha. Finally, Goku defeats Tenshinhan by copying one of his signature techniques, the Solar Flare.

Dragon & Tiger Mutually Strike[]

Shen performs the Evil Containment Wave, but Piccolo returns the favor and instead traps him in a jar, which he swallows. Goku and Ma Junior begin their epic battle, and Goku manages to rescue God from inside Piccolo. Even with broken limbs and a hole in his chest, Goku declares that he will win.