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Wild Things[]

This scenario takes place around the Raccoon Zoo where Cindy Lennox and the Outbreak survivors await the arrival of an evacuation helicopter, which, unfortunately, crashes.


Jim Chapman guides the other 3 survivors through the Kite Bros. Railway in an effort to escape via the train system. This proves harder than it initially seems when it is learned that the subway has been infested by mutated flea-like insects (called Mega Bites).


Alyssa Ashcoft's survivors escape the city and into the Raccoon Forest. However, not all is what it seems as dark tales of murder and savagery involve an abandoned hospital nearby.

Desperate Times[]

Kevin Ryman's survivors escape to the Police Department. Although defenses seem well, it is only a matter of time before the building is lost.

End of the Road[]

David King's survivors raid an Umbrella facility in need of supplies. But even Umbrella is unable to stop its creations let loose throughout the city. Will the survivors make it out of the city alive before the Sterilization Operation is approved?