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A young boy by the name Goku finishes chopping wood and travels through Mount Paozu, hunting for his next meal, a Giant Fish. On his way back home he is suddenly hit by the car of a girl named Bulma. Bulma explains that she is looking for something called a Dragon Ball, so Goku invites her back to Granpa Gohan's house. Upon arriving at Goku's house, Bulma realizes that Goku is in possession of the Dragon Ball that she is looking for. She explains that the Dragon Balls can summon Shenron that grant wishes, but she will need all seven. Reluctant to give up his only heirloom, Goku says that he will accompany Bulma, and that she can use his ball at the end.The two set off on their quest, only for Bulma to stop because she forgot to use the bathroom before she left. Before she can go, she is kidnapped by a large pterodactyl. The pterodactyl ties Goku to a tree, but Goku easily undoes the rope. Goku uses Bulma's Capsule Bike to get some air, before using his Power Pole to kill the beast mid-flight, and save bulma before she hits the ground

Bulma and Goku set up camp for the night using one of Bulma's Capsule Houses. Inside, Goku is overwhelmed by the modern technology such as TV and lights. Seeing that Goku smelled bad, Bulma decides to give him a bath, but is shocked to find out that Goku's tail is real. After being freaked out by Goku's tail Bulma decides to calm herself down by having a bubble bath, which is ruined when Goku comes in and makes a comment about how her breasts look like a butt. At dinner time Goku shows a dislike for civilized foods, such as bread, so he goes out and catches a wolf for supper. Later on after the two have gone to sleep, Goku wakes up and goes over to a sleeping Bulma in her underwear and discovers Bulma's "pillow". Goku proceeds to lie between Bulma's legs. He discovers that Bulma lacks male genitalia and is shocked because he doesn't know the difference between men and women. His surprise wakes Bulma, and Goku shudders "you've lost your balls!" Bulma, thinking Goku was talking about Dragon Balls, rushes over to them to find that they are all intact.

Bulma is getting ready to continue her quest for the Dragon Balls. Goku is impatient with her, because she takes too long brushing her hair, stating, "if you were any slower, you'd turn into a turtle". Bored, Goku goes outside to train by breaking rocks with his bear hands. He then mistakes a sea turtle for a rock and picks it up. Goku believes that Bulma actually turned into a turtle and is confused when the real Bulma comes outside. The turtle explains that he was out gathering mushrooms when he got lost and couldn't find his way back to the sea. Goku offers to take him back to the ocean and sets out to do so. Bulma, who originally didn't want to help, found herself joining in anyway. On their journey, the group come across a giant Bear Thief, who planed on eating Turtle. Goku fights him off, showing his Jan-Ken Fist attack for the first time.The group arrives at the seaside, much to Turtles delight . He is grateful for their help and says that he will bring them a gift. After waiting for a while, Goku and Bulma spot the turtle in the distance, with something on his back. Much to the pairs confusion, it is an old man wearing a turtle shell.

Goku and Bulma greet the old man after he jumps off the turtle onto the beach. He tells them his name is Kame-sen'nin, the turtle hermit. Turtle tells him that Goku was the one that helped him so the old man attempts to give him the Immortal Phoenix but unfortunately he forgot that it died because of tainted bird seeds. Goku is given the Flying Nimbus instead but Kame-sen'nin says only pure hearted people can ride it which rejected himself. When Goku attempted to get on it worked and he flew around the beach happily. Bulma, who desperately wanted something asked if she can get something too. The old hermit agreed if she will show him her panties. Bulma lifts her night gown up to show him but she didn't know that Goku took them off of her early in the morning. Kame-sen'nin, who got a nose bleed, decided to give Bulma something but Bulma spotted he was wearing a Dragon Ball and said she wanted that instead, so he gave it to her. After the hermit left, Goku and Bulma headed back to pack the capsule house back. Bulma is shocked to see that her panties are on the floor and found out that Goku took them off her. She got mad and pulled out a machine gun and shot him. Just as they head off, Bulma tried to see if she can ride the nimbus but she was rejected and fell to the ground. Three days later they discover a seemingly deserted town where the Dragon Radar says the next Dragon Ball is.

While traveling through the deserted town with Bulma, Goku claims to sense the presence of people around. To try and find them, he punches open a door to one of the buildings, only to have an axe come crashing down on his head. The man now holding the lonely axe handle seems to think Goku is a shapeshifting demon named Oolong that has been terrorizing their town. After convincing the man, and the rest of the town, that they were not demons, Bulma asked the townspeople if they have seen a Dragon Ball nearby. An old woman of the village said that she has one, and agrees to hand it over as long as Bulma and Goku can get rid of the terrible Oolong for them. No one in the village knows where Oolong's lair is, so Bulma comes up with a plan to dress Goku up as a young girl from the village whom Oolong fancies. Oolong shows up later that day as a large, grotesque groom. The demon mistakes Goku's desire to pee for shyness and changes into a gentlemanly form. Seeing his new, beautiful shape, Bulma runs out and attempts to woo Oolong. While thinking about which woman to choose, Oolong notices Goku peeing on a tree off to one side while still standing. Enraged at being tricked, Oolong changes into a gigantic bull. Goku gets rid of the girl's clothing and challenges Oolong to battle.

As Oolong and Goku are about to begin their fight, Oolong notices the time and unexpectedly runs away. Goku runs after him but quickly loses sight. He comes across a piglet who points him in the direction the ox has run off to. However it is revealed that this piglet is Oolong's original form , and we learn that his powers are limited by time. He can transforms as many times as he wishes during the span of five minutes, after which he must rest for a whole minute. As Goku return to the village announcing Oolong has escaped, the minute is over and Oolong transforms into a ramen-carrying monster. He threatens Goku with dipping him into the hot bowl of soup if he doesn't give up. At that moment, Oolong dips his finger in the soup and is attacked by a small child with a slingshot and Goku begins to question Oolong's real strength. Oolong sees Goku's confidence in his strength and challenges him to break a stack of bricks which Goku does with only one finger. Astonished, Oolong changes into a bat and flies away, however Goku follows him on his Flying Nimbus catching up instantly. Oolong then tries to change into a rocket but the five minutes are up and he changes back to his original form. Goku captures him and after bringing him to the village, they are all taken to the missing girls who are living in luxury in Oolong's hideout. Due to this he is forgiven by the villagers and Bulma decides to take him along in their journey thinking his abilities might come in handy.

On their way to the next destination, Bulma mentions they are headed to a place near Fry-Pan Mountain. In panic, Oolong transforms into a fish and escapes. However he is quickly lured back by Bulma who uses her panties as bait. Shortly after they realize the boat has run out of gas, and with the help of Oolong who transforms into an paddle they get to shore. Unfortunately Bulma then realizes she has lost her capsule case. Amidst Bulma's desperation, Oolong tries once again to make a run for it. But he is unaware the candy given to him by Bulma earlier will give him diarrhea whenever someone says 'Pi Pi'. Oolong comes back once again and transforms into a motorcycle, but collapses once Bulma tries to ride it. Oolong explains that his powers are limited to appearance and doesn't affect his strength. Not wanting to be the only one who has to walk, Bulma forces Goku and Oolong to walk with her. Soon they are exhausted in the middle of the desert. At the moment we see a strange looking cat named Puar looking at them through a telescope. He runs inside and informs his human friend, Yamcha, of his findings. They seem exited at the prospect of an easy target and fly on their jet towards them.

As soon as Yamcha and Puar meet Goku and Oolong, Yamcha demands they hand over any money or capsules in their possession. Oolong and Puar begin arguing when they realize they went to the same Shapeshifting Academy. Puar tells Yamcha how Oolong used to bully him, and that he had been expelled from the academy for stealing their teacher's panties. But as Yamcha continues to threaten them, Oolong convinces Goku to fight against Yamcha. Amidst their fight, he learns Goku is the grandson of Son Gohan and deems him a worthy adversary and decides to use his Wolf Fang Fist technique. Goku is sent flying against a series of rock columns. Thinking Yamcha has won the battle, Oolong prepares to make an escape transforming into a fly but is quickly stopped by Puar who turns into a fly swatter. As he is about to hand away his 'M' capsule, Goku reappears. He then attacks Yamcha with his Jan-Ken Fist but it seems he no longer has energy to fight. Yamcha charges towards him when he suddenly realizes the presence of Bulma who is waking up. Flustered, he tells Puar to retreat. Back in their hide-out, still nervous about the encounter, Yamcha explains how he becomes uncontrollably nervous whenever there is a girl present.

With the use of Oolong's House-Wagon contained in his 'M' Capsule everyone is able to relax. Goku eats and recovers his strength, while Bulma decides to take a shower. Meanwhile Goku starts explaining the legend behind the dragon balls. At that moment Yamcha and Puar are eavesdropping from the outside. At the idea of being able to free himself from his weakness to women, Yamcha decides to steal the dragon balls instead. When Bulma comes out of the shower Oolong gives her and Goku a glass of juice in which Oolong had put a sleeping pill. It quickly makes effect and they fall asleep. As he is about to uncover Bulma who is sleeping naked, Yamcha barges into the House-Wagon. In panic, Oolong transforms into Bulma while Puar transforms into Goku. He plans leading Bulma out of the wagon so Yamcha can safely search around. However the real Bulma is still laying naked under the covers. Yamcha comes into the room and thinking Bulma's breasts are the balls, he happily removes the covers. Once again, Puar and Yamcha retreat defeated.

The following morning everyone gets ready to continue their trip. Since Bulma does not have any clean clothes she is forced to wear the only girl clothes Oolong has, a Bunny costume. Meanwhile Yamcha is planning a way to get the Dragon Balls. Armed with an automatic rifle and the Panzer Faust, he rides his Mighty Mouse to try and stop them. As soon as he is close enough he shoots his Bazzoka blowing off the driver side of the wagon and rendering Bulma unconscious. Furious, Goku gets ready to confront Yamcha. He tries to use his Walf-Fang Fist on Goku, but he easily repels them knocking Yamcha's tooth off in the process. Dismayed at having his gallant face destroyed, he retreats. However, he comes back shortly after apologizing for starting off on the wrong foot and gives them a capsule to replace the wagon. Oolong is skeptical of such a sudden change in attitude, but Yamcha drives off before they can question him further. They get on the car and drive off, unaware that Yamcha has planted a tracking device on it. He intends to follow them around until they collect all seven Dragon Balls to finally steal them away all at once.

Two days after the Dragon Ball Gang received the new car from Yamcha, they finally end up at Fire Mountain. Once they see it in the distance, Oolong tells Goku and Bulma about how the castle at the top is guarded by the Ox-King who cannot get into the castle himself and kills anybody who goes near it.

Yamcha and Puar who are approaching as well come in contact with a seemingly defenseless young girl running away from a T-Rex. The girl then throws the blade of her helmet at the dinosaur decapitating it then blowing up the remains with a laser coming from her helmet as well. When she sees Yamcha, she tries to attack him in fear but he easily knocks her out since he is not shy of girls that are too young.


Over at the base of Fire Mountain, Goku goes off on the Kinto'un to try to look for a way to get to the castle. While Bulma and Oolong are left behind they encounter the Ox-King asking what they are doing near his area and if there after his treasure. While they are scared, they try to convince him that they are not but Goku quickly comes back explicitly saying that he cannot find a way to break into the castle. Rather than attacking them, the Ox-King asks if he got that cloud from his martial arts master Roshi the turtle hermit.