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Armored Mage[]

Erza Scarlet returns to the Fairy Tail Guild and asks for the help of Natsu Dragneel, his partner Happy, and Gray Fullbuster on a quest. Lucy Heartfilia tags along with the them as well. Together, the team works to uncover the goals of Dark Guild, Eisenwald, and the nature of the Dark Flute, Lullaby.

Fairies in the Wind[]

Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy confront the Eisenwald Guild and attempt to prevent them from broadcasting Lullaby. However, they end up getting trapped in the station while Erigor heads to Clover Town to annihilate the Guild Masters at their meeting.

Flame & Wind[]

Team Natsu is trapped inside Erigor's Wind Wall, but manage to get out with the help of the Celestial Spirit, Virgo. Natsu, with Happy's help, reaches Erigor and they fight.

Strongest Team[]

Natsu Dragneel and Erigor finish their fight, with Natsu emerging victorious. Kageyama decides to continue the plan, but by some unusual circumstances, Lullaby ends up coming to life in its Demon form, which Natsu and his comrades end up fighting.

Natsu Eats a Village[]

Team Natsu and Makarov Dreyar are lost in the Clover Canyon while attempting to head back to Magnolia Town. Their quest to eliminate their hunger leads them to a strange, uninhabited village that only has, to their misfortune, houses that turn into completely inedible monsters.

Natsu vs. Erza[]

Natsu Dragneel engages in a match with Erza Scarlet as she promised. However, Erza is arrested by the Magic Council because of the property damage they had caused in relation to the Eisenwald incident. Natsu attempts to break her out of the council's custody, later finding out that it had all been for "formalities" and she would have been released right away.