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"Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, cause of the calamities occurring worldwide and driven to resurrect the Dark Deity Ambrosia, was slain by a single samurai whose existence was never recorded by history.

This person deeply involved with the resurrected Amakusa, Haohmaru, was suddenly attacked one night. But the one who was up easily defeated was not Haohmaru, but the sinister assailant...

Haohmaru's attacker was clearly manipulated by someone or something -- an evil force. The would-be assassin gasps a final promise to Haohmaru. 'I'll have your soul one day.... Ambrosia...lives.' The evil ones are after him! Haohmaru, sensing an evil force rivaling Amakusa, pays a visit on his old fencing master. While Haohmaru relates his story, his master's visage grows unusually grim.

'Stay away. You have undeniably grown stronger. But you must not confront them. Do you understand?'

His master obviously knows more, but grows silent, and besides Haohmaru isn't listening anyway. That night, they share a few drinks to celebrate their reunion after a long separation, and at dawn Haohmaru slips out unannounced to embark on his journey.

An audacious smile plays on his lips."