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Lucy Heartfilia meets a young Mage named Natsu Dragneel and his talking cat Happy. The three encounter a criminal named Bora and after defeating him, Natsu takes Lucy to Fairy Tail. Lucy Heartfilia joins the Fairy Tail Guild with the help of her new friends Natsu Dragneel and Happy. They set out for a mission at Mt. Hakobe to search for and recover a missing Mage of Fairy Tail, Macao Conbolt, and bring him back to his son, Romeo.


Team Natsu is formed, consisting of Natsu Dragneel, Happy and Lucy Heartfilia. Together, they take on a job with a two million jewel reward that demands the destruction of the book Daybreak written by the father of the client, Kaby Melon. After their initial plan to sneak in Lucy as a maid fails, they infiltrate Everlue's mansion to steal the book, only to be stopped by Everlue himself and the Vanish Brothers. Lucy emerges victorious in her fight against Everlue victorious and returns "DAYBREAK" to Kaby Melon, where the truth about the book is revealed. On their way back to the guild, they meet up with Gray and several Dark Mages, who they, together, defeat.


Erza Scarlet returns to the Fairy Tail Guild and asks for the help of Natsu Dragneel, his partner Happy, and Gray Fullbuster on a quest. Lucy Heartfilia tags along with the them as well. Together, the team works to uncover the goals of Dark Guild, Eisenwald, and the nature of the Dark Flute, Lullaby.

Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia and Happy confront the Eisenwald Guild and attempt to prevent them from broadcasting Lullaby. However, they end up getting trapped in the station while Erigor heads to Clover Town to annihilate the Guild Masters at their meeting

 Team Natsu is trapped inside Erigor's Wind Wall, but manage to get out with the help of the Celestial Spirit, Virgo. Natsu, with Happy's help, reaches Erigor and they fight.

Natsu Dragneel and Erigor finish their fight, with Natsu emerging victorious. Kageyama decides to continue the plan, but by some unusual circumstances, Lullaby ends up coming to life in its Demon form, which Natsu and his comrades end up fighting.

Team Natsu and Makarov Dreyar are lost in the Clover Canyon while attempting to head back to Magnolia Town. Their quest to eliminate their hunger leads them to a strange, uninhabited village that only has, to their misfortune, houses that turn into completely inedible monsters.

Natsu Dragneel engages in a match with Erza Scarlet as she promised. However, Erza is arrested by the Magic Council because of the property damage they had caused in relation to the Eisenwald incident. Natsu attempts to break her out of the council's custody, later finding out that it had all been for "formalities" and she would have been released right away.

 Galuna Island[]

A team composed of Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Happy, and later joined by Gray Fullbuster, embarks on an S-Class Request (without permission from Makarov) to lift the curse on Galuna Island. Upon exploring that island, they discover a temple with underground ruins that hide the ice prison of the Demon of Disaster, Deliora.

Gray Fullbuster has found Deliora and the plan to revive it using Moon Drip. He encounters the one behind it and while fighting him, finds out that he is his old partner and rival Lyon Vastia.

Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia engage in battles against Lyon Vastia's subordinates in order to put a stop to the Moon Drip ritual and restore the villagers' original forms.

Lucy Heartfilia finishes her fight with Sherry Blendy, defeating her. However, after being attacked by Angelica, she is saved by Erza Scarlet, who takes her and Happy back to the villagers. Meanwhile, Natsu Dragneel finds Lyon Vastia and fights him.

Gray Fullbuster's past with his mentor, Ur, and fellow student, Lyon Vastia, is revealed. He arrives in the temple ruins to battle Lyon and stop him from melting Deliora's ice and further causing trouble for the villagers. Gray decides to finish Lyon by sealing him with Iced Shell.

Gray engages in an all-out battle with his former fellow pupil, Lyon, after realizing that Iced Shell will not work on him. He battles valiantly and triumphs, but is confronted with the fact that Lyon's allies have freed Deliora itself. Gray sets out to confront the Demon with only Iced Shell in mind.

The battles on Galuna Island finally come to a close as Zalty is defeated and Deliora dies because of Ur's own will and Magic encased in the demon's prison. The battle with Lyon Vastia's team is finally over and Team Natsu then moves to resolve the villagers' remaining problem; their Demon forms. 

Erza Scarlet, with the help of Natsu Dragneel, breaks the membrane that was covering Galuna Island and releases its residents from its curse. They have a party and then they leave for Fairy Tail, but not without a new spirit for Lucy.

The Fairy Tail Guild faces trouble when they come across a strange Magic called Changeling on their Request Board. This Magic switches the minds and magics of two people into each other's bodies, and if this is not reverted within the time frame of 30 minutes, their minds will remain in the other person's body forever. They are then faced with the challenge of undoing the Magic in thirty minutes, with only Levy to help them.

After Natsu and Happy quarrel, Lucy meets with Mirajane and finds a picture of the Fairy Tail guild members from 6 years ago. Mirajane tells Lucy the story of that picture, but leaves Lucy wondering who Lisanna is.

 Phantom Lord[]

After coming back from a job, Team Natsu finds their guild building destroyed. The guild doesn't take action at first, but after seeing a horrible scene in the park, they declare war on Phantom Lord.

Fairy Tail's invasion into Phantom Lord continues, but when Dreyar falls, they are forced to retreat. Lucy is being kept prisoner by Phantom Lord Guild Master Jose Porla, but she is saved by Natsu.

After retreating from their first clash with Phantom Lord, the members of Fairy Tail try to formulate a counterattack while their Master is being treated by his friend, Porlyusica. However, Phantom Lord decides to bring the war to Fairy Tail when their Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II machine arrives in Magnolia and begins to attack the guild with the Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter. The guild manages to survive the attack when Erza blocks the blast, though she loses consciousness from extreme Magical exertion, leaving her guildmates to fight the rival guild as they charge the cannon to attack with Jupiter once more.

The deactivation of the Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter is successful. However, Fairy Tail faces a new challenge as the Phantom Lord Guild activates its giant form and threatens to fire Abyss Break. Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster and Elfman split up in the guild to find its power source, with Elfman running into Sol of the Element 4 and is faced with the dilemma of Mirajane's capture.

Mirajane discovers the way to stop the Super Giant Mage Phantom MK II from casting Abyss Break upon Magnolia. They move to defeat Phantom Lord Guild's strongest team, the Element 4, which is actually the power source of the Giant Mage. They manage to defeat three of the four. Only Aria, the strongest of the four, is left standing.

Natsu and Aria's fight is interrupted by Erza, who defeats the leader of the Element 4. Lucy Heartfilia is then kidnapped by Gajeel after he, Sue and Boze fight and defeat Reedus Jonah and Loke. Afterwards, Jose Porla disposes of Gray and Elfman and starts his fight with Erza, while Natsu battles Gajeel to save Lucy.

The Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail and the Iron Dragon Slayer of Phantom Lord engage in battle. After nearly defeating Natsu, Gajeel sees the wrath of Natsu after he manages to recover from all the blows he took with the help of Lucy, and the inspiration to protect their guild.

The Fairy Tail-Phantom Lord War ends with the defeat of Gajeel Redfox and Phantom Lord Guild Master Jose Porla. Fairy Tail emerges the winner with the return of their Master: Makarov Dreyar.

Fairy Tail begins rebuilding after their war with the Phantom Lord Guild has passed. Lucy returns home to her father, and shows him her resolve to stay on the path she believes in and to live as a Mage of Fairy Tail.


After Fairy Tail's building has been rebuilt after the war with Phantom Lord, Lucy finds herself needing money. Her team takes up a seemingly harmless job of acting out a play.

After a few run-ins with Loke, Lucy Heartfilia finally finds out the truth behind him: he is actually the Celestial Spirit Leo the Lion. She uncovers that his previous owner was a famous Celestial Spirit Mage, Karen Lilica, and after her death he was unable to return to the Celestial Spirit World. Lucy offers to save him, but Loke informs her that she can't because he himself killed Karen and broke the fundamental rule between man and spirit.

Loke tells Lucy about his past with Karen Lilica and why he was banished from the Celestial Spirit World. But as Loke starts disappearing, Lucy argues for his innocence which makes the Celestial Spirit King appear before them.

Tower of Heaven[]

The members of Team Natsu are enjoying themselves at Akane Resort, but the fun is disrupted when Team Jellal attacks and kidnaps Erza and Happy. After dealing with Lucy, Gray and Natsu, they take their captives to the Tower of Heaven.

Team Natsu rescue squad arrives at the Tower of Heaven, where Erza has been taken captive by her past friends who were her fellow slaves during their childhood. Erza's past and information about the Tower of Heaven and her old comrades is revealed. Meanwhile, the Magic Council argues about how to deal with the R-System in the Tower of Heaven, with one of their argued options being the firing of Etherion.

Erza Scarlet's past and Jellal Fernandes' goals are revealed, from their friendship as children as slaves in the Tower of Heaven, up until their separation after Jellal becomes "evil".

Jellal Fernandes begins the Heaven's Game in the Tower of Heaven. He assembles Trinity Raven of Death's Head Caucus to fight against the eight Mages planning to defeat him. Natsu Dragneel and Simon face off against Fukuro while Lucy Heartfilia and Juvia Lockser meet Vidaldus Taka.

Lucy Heartfilia and Juvia Lockser's fight against Vidaldus Taka comes to an end with them coming out victorious. Meanwhile, Natsu Dragneel's fight against Fukuro is interrupted by Gray Fullbuster, who finishes the fight, winning it.

While Etherion is getting ready to fire, Shô and Erza Scarlet encounter Ikaruga and fight her. After coming out victorious, Erza heads towards the top of the Tower of Heaven and fights Jellal Fernandes.

Jellal Fernandes is revealed to have tricked Erza Scarlet after the true form of the Tower of Heaven is revealed along with the manipulation of Siegrain of the Magic Council. As Erza comes close to losing to Jellal, Natsu Dragneel comes to rescue her and takes the battle into his hands.

Natsu's fight against Jellal continues, and after eating Etherion, he emerges victorious. But, the joy ends soon when Erza sacrifices herself to the Tower of Heaven in order to save her friends.

Fighting Festival[]

Erza Scarlet wakes up to find out she has been saved by Natsu Dragneel who makes her promise to never do it again. Team Natsu says farewell to Erza's old team and then they go back to the guild. But, as soon as they arrive they find a few surprises!

Magnolia's annual Harvest Festival begins. Fairy Tail celebrates the festival with a contest of beauty and Magic for the female Mages: the Miss Fairy Tail Contest. The festival and contest progresses with much merrymaking, until the Fairy Tail Mages are interrupted by the arrival of Laxus Dreyar and the Thunder God Tribe, who have started the Battle of Fairy Tail.

The Battle of Fairy Tail rages on. Most of the Mages are wiped out by the Thunder God Tribe, leaving only Gajeel and Natsu. Makarov is forced to choose between his position and his guild members. However, the two trapped Dragon Slayers manage to revive Erza, raising their number to three. Immediately after, Mystogan arrives in town, upping the remaining participants to four.

Erza defeats Evergreen, releasing all the girls that had turned to stone from her Magic. However, Laxus Dreyar changes the rules of the game, now with all of Magnolia Town in play. Afterwards, Lucy is found by Bickslow and they begin their battle.

Lucy, with the help of Loke, defeats Bickslow. Freed, after fighting Cana, fights and tortures Elfman in front of Mirajane's eyes. With her brother facing death, Mirajane unleashes her dormant Magic Power and with it, she fights Freed.

The Thunder God Tribe is defeated, and so Natsu, Erza, Gajeel, and even Mystogan go after the source of the Battle of Fairy Tail: Laxus Dreyar. Battles begin between Laxus and three of the four Mages who are after him, with Mystogan and Erza leaving, with the latter going off to stop the Thunder Palace, leaving Natsu alone to face Laxus.

The final battle against Laxus rages on. Natsu and Gajeel, the Fire and Iron Dragon Slayers, team up to battle against Laxus, who they later find to be the Lightning Dragon Slayer possessing monstrous strength. Laxus intends to bring about the demise of Fairy Tail and Magnolia as he invokes Makarov's ultimate Magic: Fairy Law.

The Fighting Festival draws to a close with Laxus' defeat at the hands of Natsu, with the help of Gajeel. Laxus is excommunicated from the guild for his crimes, but not without being reminded that all the Mages he had previously hurt still care for him and would look out for him, for he is a part of Fairy Tail, just like them.

Oracion Seis[]

Everything has settled again in Magnolia the week after the Harvest Festival and the Fantasia. Lucy, who has never had a boyfriend, experiences a fateful encounter and a possible chance for romance. However, it turns out she would choose her friends over a date and that her fateful encounter is with a mysterious blue-haired girl who has been wandering about...

Trouble stirs for Fairy Tail after Juvia releases a faulty potion of "passion" for Gray that accidentally spreads to the other members. Meanwhile, Lucy has boy problems: Natsu likes her! ...Or does he?

Lucy Heartfilia confronts her father, who had been stalking her. He tells her how he has lost everything and is now going to work in Acalypha Town. Lucy doesn't care, but when she overhears Macao Conbolt and Wakaba Mine talking about how the guild in Alcalypha has been taken over by some Dark Mages, she heads there to save her father.

Master Makarov and the other Guild Masters have decided to create an alliance to attack the Dark Guild Oración Seis. Team Natsu, The Trimens, Lyon Vastia, Sherry Blendy and Jura Neekis arrive at the meeting point, but Cait Shelter has only sent one person for this mission, a little girl named Wendy Marvell.

The Allied Forces heads towards the site where the Oración Seis is, with the hope that Blue Pegasus' Magic Bomber: Christina will help them succeed. However, Angel infiltrates them and learns of their plans. As Christina is shot down, Oración Seis makes themselves known and fights the Allied Forces.

With the kidnapping of Wendy Marvell, the Sky Dragon Slayer and the only one who can heal the poisoned Erza Scarlet, the defeated Allied Forces picks themselves up and regroups in order to save Wendy who is desired to be used by Brain to heal a certain man by the name of Jellal Fernandes.

The Allied Forces defeats the minor Dark Guilds that have become hindrances in their way. Natsu Dragneel's group successfully recovers Wendy Marvell who had revived Jellal Fernandes. Meanwhile, Gray Fullbuster is left behind to battle one of the Oración Seis: Racer.

Natsu heads to Erza's location after recovering Wendy and being contacted by Hibiki. Gray, Lyon and Sherry confront Racer, who they ultimately defeat after a hard battle involving teamwork. However, Lyon later falls down a cliff with Racer while Brain awakens Midnight.

Erza Scarlet is healed, Nirvana is found and Midnight commences his hunt. Nirvana's activation causes Sherry Blendy to fall to the darkness and attack Gray Fullbuster while Hoteye joins the Allied Forces in their quest to stop Oración Seis.

Lucy Heartfilia and her companions encounter the Celestial Spirit, Gemini, and its owner Angel. With the rest of them incapacitated, Lucy fights the Celestial Spirit Mage in a battle of Celestial Spirits.

Lucy Heartfilia successfully defeats Angel. Later, Ren Akatsuki is struck down by Midnight, the darkness leaves Sherry Blendy upon the discovery of Lyon Vastia's survival and Erza Scarlet meets Jellal Fernandes again. Strangely enough, Jellal cannot remember anything except the word "Erza". When he is told by Erza about his past, he casts a Self-Destruction Spell on both himself and Nirvana.

Jellal's attempt to destroy Nirvana is thwarted by Brain and works to fully awaken it. Nirvana's form as a city of the ancients is revealed. Brain moves the city towards its first target, which seems to be Cait Shelter. Natsu attempts to defeat Brain, but is prevented from doing so by Cobra.

Hoteye faces off with Midnight while Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia and Jura Neekis head to the King's Summit. After a hard and long battle, Natsu Dragneel and Happy finally manage to defeat Cobra, a member of Oración Seis.

Cobra falls by Brain's hand who is then defeated by Jura Neekis. However, Nirvana continues to move towards Cait Shelter while Midnight emerges victorious in his battle with Hoteye. Jura falls after being caught in a last resort trap by Brain. An explanation to why Cait Shelter being targeted is given by Klodoa and Midnight. Jellal and Erza engage in battle against the last of the Six Generals, Midnight. They both experience difficulties and Jellal is beaten easily. However, Erza is determined, and fights Midnight with confidence in his defeat.

The last of the Oración Seis, Midnight, is defeated by Erza Scarlet. This awakens an alternate personality within Brain, a cruel man of destruction named Zero whose only aim is to destroy anything and everything that has form.

The method to destroying Nirvana is revealed and the formerly fallen Fairy Tail Mages are inspired by their comrades to stand up again. However, Zero continues to stand in the way of their victory. It is Natsu Dragneel who decides to settle things with Zero and their battle begins.

Everyone works to accomplish the challenging task of stopping Nirvana. Natsu Dragneel is faced with battling Zero as a huge obstacle in the way of his success. With the help of Jellal Fernandes and his other allies from the Allied Forces, Natsu manages to keep up with Zero's powerful attacks.

Natsu Dragneel finally defeats Zero and the members of the Allied Forces that are on board Nirvana successfully execute the plan to stop Nirvana through simultaneously destroying the Lacrimas that power it. However, Rune Knights of the Magic Council arrive to arrest the Oración Seis, as well as Jellal Fernandes.

Jellal Fernandes is taken away by the Magic Council and the truth behind Cait Shelter is revealed. The guild disappears after they show their gratitude to the Allied Forces for setting them at peace while a devastated Wendy Marvell is invited by Erza Scarlet to join Fairy Tail.


The guilds from Allied Forces say their farewells and depart for their respective Guilds. Wendy Marvell and Carla join Fairy Tail and Natsu Dragneel goes to investigate the rumor regarding someone who has met a Dragon.

Gray Fullbuster starts attacking Natsu Dragneel for unknown reasons and they get into a fight. Meanwhile, Erza Scarlet and Lucy Heartfilia are found by some of Daphne's Lizardmen, mysterious creatures that seem to have the same abilities as them.

Natsu's capture brings about the activation of Daphne's Dragonoid, which starts to wreak havoc and chaos in Magnolia. The Fairy Tail Mages all work together to try to save Natsu and stop the destructive artificial Dragon.

Gray Fullbuster's reasons for handing over Natsu Dragneel to Daphne and Daphne's reasons for constructing Dragonoid are revealed. Together, the Fairy Tail Mages unite to battle against Daphne and her Dragonoid, ultimately destroying it and saving Magnolia.

It's the blooming season of cherry blossoms in Magnolia Town and so Fairy Tail takes a few days off to celebrate and party. This is Lucy Heartfilia's first Hanami and she is excited. However, due to a mishap on a job, she misses the party, but is still able to view the popular rainbow sakura tree with Natsu and Happy's help.

Wendy Marvell embarks on her first big job, causing a lot of other members to worry about her. The job turns out to be a disappointment to Wendy, but she proves to the others that she can handle herself just fine.

It's the time of year when the guild's annual 24-Hour Endurance Road Race begins! Everyone does their best in the race in order to avoid receiving "the punishment", which is bestowed upon the last placers.