AdventureBoundary Wiki

File #1 - Rookie cop Tyler Hamilton has been assigned to guard the Umbrella Storage Facility in Raccoon City when an explosion from underground rocks the foundations. Tyler is knocked down, and trapped inside the Storage Facility, however as he wakes up he notices hoards of the undead coming towards him.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent, Naomi McClain has been sent into the city to investigate the experiments of this facility, and locate what the previous agent could not; concrete evidence direct from secret FBI informants working within Umbrella's ranks.

File #2 - After surviving the horrors of the infested Storage Facility, Tyler has been holding up in a local police station. Suddenly, the distress alarm rings from Raccoon University. Governed by his sense of duty, Tyler bravely sets off to the university believing there to be survivors.

Unknown to Tyler, Naomi also picks up the distress call, and realizes that there is a strong possibility that the alarm was raised by one of the informants she is looking for. She sets off to the university to find more clues to Umbrella and rescue this vital person.

File #3 - Having made it back to relative safety of the local police station, Raccoon Museum alarm rings, so Tyler decides that he had better investigate, again believing there to be survivors hiding inside.

Naomi also figures that the alarm could have been raised by an informant so also heads off to the museum to investigate.

File #4 - With Tyler being tracked by the Special Forces he decides that the source of all this madness is the Storage Facility, and the Special Research Laboratory B situated beneath it. Tyler ventures deep underground and discovers just how sinister Umbrella is.

With 3 informants rescued, and the data disc and sample in hand, Naomi realizes she still needs test subjects to complete her evidence and so goes to the underground facility to finish her mission.