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The novel takes place in August of 1998. After a call from Barry Burton about the Umbrella investigation, Rebecca heads to his house where she meets David Trapp, strategist and captain of the S.T.A.R.S Exeter branch.

David informs Rebecca that another incident has occurred at another Umbrella facility, in Caliban Cove, Maine. Just when Chris and Jill come in, David continues his briefing, which includes a file from Trent and a list of people involved in or with the Caliban Cove facility. William Birkin is one name Jill knows from the same list as Trent gave her before the mansion. One of the names Rebecca knows as Nicholas Griffith, a former biochemist that had disappeared after being fired from a university.

Umbrella forces, being led by S.T.A.R.S. members, attack Barry's house. A brief but intense firefight ensues before the good S.T.A.R.S take refuge in Brad "Chickenheart" Vicker's home. After a little talk, Rebecca and David set out and leave on a private airplane for Exeter.

At Caliban Cove Dr. Griffith stands atop a lighthouse, musing on his latest and greatest accomplishment; a virus that robs a human of their ability to think, they become servants to whomever orders them. Griffith has already used his new virus on three other scientists at the Cove facility, and none of them can make any decisions outside of what Griffith tells them. He muses that once he gives his "gift" to the wind, everyone will be free.

At Exeter, the home of S.T.A.R.S. forensics officer Karen Driver, David briefs his own team; comprised of himself, Rebecca, Steve Lopez, John Andrews, and Karen. They set out, collecting the equipment they need, and begin the Caliban Cove mission, with no back up.

Moving towards Caliban Cove using a Raft, the team become under attack by an unknown creature that destroyed the Raft, The Team where stuck in the Cove. Moving into a Dock House, they find a Body Nailed to the door opposite, it's hand in a Waving Position. After searching around, the body is that of Dr. Kyle Ammon, a name in the list of people Trent gave them. They soon become under attack by Tri-Squads, Zombies that have use of brains and have M16s. The Team escape after defeating one of the four squads.

Throughout the course of the mission, Karen gets infected by a virus and succumbs to it, while Griffith and another researcher, Alan Kinneson, manage to capture Steve and inject him with a virus. David, Rebecca, and John eventually get captured by Steve, who is ordered by Griffith to execute himself. Recovering a "lucky charm" pineapple grenade from Karen's corpse, David, Rebecca, and John manage to free themselves from captivity and escape the facility while Griffith dies from the explosion.

The survivors of the Exeter team are recovered by a Captain Blake from the Philadelphia S.T.A.R.S. branch, who were deployed at the request of Barry.